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Bookstagram Made Me Do It

Bookstagram Made Me Do It

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Ahh bookstagram, I am so glad I found you. Since joining bookstagram it’s like I’ve finally found my people, I started my own bookstagram account because I was kinda scared the people who follow me on my “personal” account were judging me for all my bookish posts. Obviously none of these people (made up of old friends, school, uni and work friends, family plus a few randoms) were sat scrolling insta thinking “what a nerd” but it sure didn’t stop me from thinking that!

I LOVE having a bookstagram account and all the great fellow book nerds I’ve met since joining. Booksta has also given me a kinda confidence to just be more myself, especially in front of my friends and family, like this is me, a complete and utter bookworm, take it or leave it!

I have noticed though that I’ve developed some rather new habits since starting my account, such as buying multiple editions of the same book! One Tuesday I woke up at around 4.50 am for work, I checked my emails and lo and behold my pre order of Leigh Bardugo’s Ninth House had been delivered to my tablet. This marked my THIRD edition, I don’t even recall ordering it. I’d bought the Illumicrate edition and the Waterstones’s exclusive edition, both were fairly expensive so I returned the kindle edition, plus ya gal really didn’t need three copies of a book. Its mad to me because the book had only just been released and there I was with two exclusive editions, I hadn’t even read the book, which I might not even like. All because of bookstagram! I don’t regret my purchases, they’re both stunning but it has made me kinda reconsider why I’m buying multiple editions!

One thing I cannot fault Bookstagram with, is the ability to find new authors and books, people are so passionate when it comes to their favourite authors/series/etc so I find that I cannot help but want to read them. One series I’m so grateful bookstagram influenced me to read is Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco, I loved it! I’ve just finished Hunting Prince Dracula and what a brilliant series, I only have two books left to read and I’m a little gutted tbh, a brilliant read. Another series I’ve read which I can thank Bookstagram for is Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo. Another fantastic series which is actually being turned into a tv show on Netflix which is so cool! I’ll leave all the books I mentioned linked so you can check them out and see for yourself, because I cannot describe books to save my life atm haha.

Another bad habit of mine I’ve picked because of Bookstagram is buying books in a series I’ve not yet read! A couple of months ago I bought the Waterstones edition of Darkdawn by Jay Kristoff despite the fact I’ve never read the first two! I remember seeing something somewhere about how it was super hard to get the hardback versions of Nevernight and Godgrave so I think I just panicked and bought it. Thankfully this is the only time I’ve done that thus far (I think), but will I do this again? Probably!

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

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