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First Impressions | Hollywood Flawless Filter

A couple of months ago I bought the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter after seeing all over Instagram (phew, what a mouthful!). So far I’m so impressed with this product I thought I’d do a little first impressions post for the blog.
This product itself has been influenced by Instagram and filters and aims to give your skin a hollywood filter. 

Hollywood flawless filter, a magical, new flawless filter for the best skin of your life! Enriched with Lamellar-filler, which acts like a digitally enhanced filter for your skin

Here she is! What a beauty. Charlotte Tilbury products always have that luxury vibe about them and the Hollywood Flawless Filter is no exception. I love the rose gold touches, the bottle is glass so I’ll have to be careful not to drop this as it is £30. I picked mine up in Selfridges and got shade 1 or ‘fair pale‘ #life. Spoiler alert, I love this! I’m so happy I picked it up and I do think it’s worth the money. 
You get 30ml of product which isn’t too bad. The consistency of this product does remind me of a concealer and the applicator does as well. But it’s pretty easy to use and the applicator doesn’t pick up too much product which I like because it means the product will last for longer.   
hollywood flawless filter
Below is a little swatch and this is the lightest shade they do.
hollywood flawless filter
I’m not sure if this is the best photo but I’ve blended it out and it does give a lovely highlight to the skin. When I apply it to my face before foundation it gives a really lit from within glow. One the box it comes in Charlotte says you can apply it all over your face, I wouldn’t personally do this as I think I would look a little too glowy but you do whatever you feel’s best for you. 
hollywood flawless filter

You can check the product out here.

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