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Updated Reading Goals

Updated Reading Goals

I thought it was high time I checked my Goodreads challenge and see where I’m up to. Last year was the first year I used Goodreads and I set it at a fairly reasonable goal of 60 books which I managed to pass yey! So this year I thought I’d increase it a little to 80 books, I may even increase it to 100 books but lets not get ahead of ourselves haha.

Well it turns out I’m apparently FIVE books behind schedule haha, oops. I’ve currently read 48 books which puts me at 60% of my goal.

60% of my Goodreads goal

I won’t lie, I used to think I was a really fast reader but then I joined Bookstagram and wow, I am not fast at all compared to some people I follow haha. I’m definitely learning to not compare my reading goals with others because after all.. comparison is the thief of joy! I guess I’ve kinda accepted that at the moment as I’m so busy with work and in my personal life, a slower pace is completely fine and that actually having the time to read is a luxury to be cherished!

I’m fairly confident I’ll meet my goals as I’ve been a little spendy at the moment but I’ve managed to pick up a couple of bargains on eBay which I am chuffed about so keep an eye out on my Instagram for their debut haha ?

You can find me on goodreads here.


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