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Crave | A Review

Crave by Tracy Wolff
I received an E-Arc from Netgalley in exchange from an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Crave by Tracy Wolff

Themes: Fantasy, YA, romance, paranormal creatures.

Trigger warnings/Potential concerns for readers: Some violent scenes, death, grief.

Format: I received an E-Arc copy from Netgalley but I believe it will be available in paperback and on kindle, it also appears to be out already in the United States. You can check the book out here.

Price: £8.99 at Waterstones.

Pages: 592

Rating: 4 STARS

Release date: 29/09/2020

Ok hear me out, I know from the cover there’s a distinct *Twilight* vibe and I know a lot of people have made several comparisons between Crave and Twilight on bookish social media and the likes, even I’m guilty of judging this book by its cover. But try and hold your judgements because I think you’ll be really surprised by this book!

There is nothing normal about Katmere Academy. Nothing, that is, except Grace.

Perched on the edge of a rugged mountain in remote Alaska, Katmere Academy is an exclusive and secretive boarding school home to a unique set of students. Witches, shapeshifters and vampires mix within its walls, existing in uneasy cooperation, a fragile web of shifting alliances the only thing keeping them from war.

Sent to Katmere after the tragic death of both of her parents, mortal Grace is a curiosity to some – and an affront to others. And when she is viciously attacked within days of her arrival, it quickly becomes clear that someone will go to great lengths to see her dead. Caught at the heart of the warring factions, her life on the line, Grace doesn’t have long to decide who she can trust, who she can love – and who she most definitely can’t . . .

Crave is a really good binge read, it’s one of those books you start late at night thinking you’ll only read a couple of chapters but you look at the time and suddenly it’s 2am (true story haha). This book has everything, angsty teenagers, high school romances, insta love, slight love triangle, supernatural creatures, cliques and a whole lot of mystery. 

Everyone’s is so suspicious, Grace’s cousin and uncle, EVERYONE student, I like the subtle hints directed towards certain characters, I love it when I’m right about a character. Crave has a major case of insta love, and while I found it slightly cringe, I did like it. The characters are interesting and the plotline is shrouded in enough mystery to keep you reading. Towards the end of Crave there are quite a few violent scenes between the characters though so I would keep that in mind and grief does feature heavily in this book as well, but I did find those scenes to be really well written.  

Crave is YA  (young adult) book through and through, I did find it to be a bit cringe in some parts but that might be because I am a little bit older than the intended audience. I also found there to be a bit of repetition, such as Grace kept mentioning “she’s a therapist” about a character we don’t meet throughout the book and it kinda got to the point where I was like “I know” (Monica Geller style!), it was just something I picked up on. I did really enjoy Crave though, I read half of it in one night because I just couldn’t put it down and when pre orders for the second book come out in the UK, I’ll be pre-ordering for sure, especially after that ending 😉  

I received an E-Arc from Netgalley in exchange from an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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