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New Year, Same Me?

Wow it has been such a long time since I last blogged, oops! But it’s New Years Eve and I’m sat having a movie night (10 Things I Hate About You to start with) and I’m just thinking how today feels nothing like New Years Eve at all, like nothing about today screams that tomorrow is a New Year!

Which led me to think about the whole New Year New Me mantra. Does anyone believe in it? Let alone stick to it? I’m not sure I do. I LOVE the idea of a fresh start and the idea that I’m gonna wake up on January 1st and magically become a kale eating green smoothie drinking yoga lover.

But in reality, I usually wake up hungover, with last nights mascara half way down my face, my pjs inside out and half a marg pizza on the floor. Not at all ready to start afresh. In fact it’s the complete opposite, I’m 25 now so hello two day hangover!

I couldn’t help but wonder (SATC anyone?) if 2019 will be different? After all I won’t be waking up a hungover mess, nor fingers crossed ill like I did in 2018. But I know for a fact I won’t be that kale eating green smoothie drinking yoga lover, at least not straight away ?

I won’t be making any major New Year resolutions, I don’t usually stick to them so i find it best to avoid them in order to avoid serious disapointment. It can be difficult with social media and seeing everyones’ tweets about their resolutions and how they’re sticking to them, etc, especially when you’ve broken yours on day 4. After all, hope breeds eternal misery or so Spencer Hastings belives ha. I’m hoping with a few small changes I can make some serious improvements on 2018. Here’s to a fab New Year!



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