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Non Beauty favourites I’ve been loving

I’ve got quite a few non beauty favourites I’ve been loving these last couple of months so figured I’d collect them all together and do a blog post on them.

I started the year off being really good with going to the gym etc then slowly started to slip out of it ? But ever since I got back from Mexico I’ve been getting back into it, especially trampoline fitness classes! Bit random but I’ve been doing the Insane Fit Jump which is a mix of HIIT and cardio. It’s bloody hard but a really good workout, I try and do it once a week alongside going to the gym.
One thing I’ve picked up lately is Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur, I keep seeing her quotes all over Insta and Pintrest so I finally bought it for myself. I’ve just flicked through it so far but theres some really heartbreaking poems in there but also some uplifting ones. I’ve got my eye out on her other poetry book so keep an eye out for that ?

milk and honey

My mum recently got this really cool vintage bike and I’m obsessed with it, I’ve started saving for my own pink one! I recently had the weekend off work and borrowed my mum’s bike to take a trip to Glasson Dock to see our canal boat. It is such a lovely little bike ride (about 5 miles there from my house) especially in this weather!

bike ride

Can I mention the weather? I have a kinda love hate relationship with the heat, I hate working in it but it sure is nice to sit in the sun and read. I love not having to wear a coat and I’m really embracing the no tights life (kinda got no choice) but I really hate having to shave every other day, it’s a nightmare ?

I’ve also been living in dresses during this heatwave, like the one below from Primark, I also picked up another from River Island, which is also polka dot! In a lovely brown with white dots, I saw it and immediately thought of Pretty Woman and had to buy it!


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