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We Are Bound by Stars | A Review

We Are Bound by Stars by Kesia Lupo

We are Bound by Stars by Kesia Lupo

You can check the book out here.

Release Date: 9th July 2020

Themes: YA, Fantasy, Romance, Politics,

Format: I have received an E ARC from Netgalley but I believe a paperback edition will be available.

Pages: 384 Pages

Rating: 4 STARS

I really enjoyed Kesia Lupo’s first book We Are Blood And Thunder and the world that was introduced in this book so I’m super excited to explore the world again and see what happens in the latest edition to the series!

On a mysterious island where the very earth holds magic, masked assassins plague the city and strange creatures rise from the desert. Livio has riled against his destiny his whole life. Beatrice longs to escape her life of servitude. But when a twist of fate unites them, it is up to them to stop a deadly revolution. Are they just puppets in someone else’s game? Will they have to accept the hands they have been dealt or can either change their fortunes?

It took me a minute or two to get my head back into the world because its been a hot minute since I read We are Blood and Thunder, but thankfully there’s a a new map for the new island of Scarossa and also a list of the different disciples. I’m glad there was a quick recap of the disciples, the temple/magic system, it was cleverly embedded in the story so it didn’t feel out of place (though the map and list of disciples are at the beginning of the book).

The pacing was great, it didn’t feel rushed. I enjoyed the world building and I thought the magic system was really unique. I enjoyed the dual POVs, it was interesting to see the different parts of Scarossa, the lives and different responsibilities both characters had and also how Beatrice and Livio’s lives intertwined. I enjoyed Bea’s relationship with her sisters, as someone with two sisters myself I felt the relationship between the three sisters was portrayed pretty accurately haha.

I really enjoyed this book, it was a quick, fun read with some cool twists so FOUR stars from me!



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